These are some of the questions we get asked regularly by customers. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    Do you sell beer?

    Unfortunately, we cannot legally sell our beer. We do not have space or the licensing to do so. It's something we are working to change. We love to give out samples though, so if you're in the area give us a shout! Also, check out the blog for recipes and our beer logs. 

    Why fermented hot sauce?

    Fermenting the peppers adds more complex flavors than just peppers and vinegar.  We call ourselves Freaky Ferments because it better encapsulates what we love - Beer and Food.  So many delicious and healthy foods are fermented, and we want to bring those to people with our own twist. 

    Is your sauce hot? 

    Yes, all of our sauces are spicy. We do have heat levels on each of the sauce product pages, but heat is also subjective.  If your looking for something mild-ish, try out our Jalapeno flavor. 

    Where is your hot sauce made?

    Our hot sauce is made, bottled, and stored at Catering Grounds, a commercial commissary kitchen in Fort Worth, TX. It is regularly inspected by the Texas Health Department. 

    Should I refrigerate after opening? 

    You don't have to refrigerate after opening its totally up to you. Keep this stored in a cool, dry place that is out of the sun, like a pantry.  

    Will you send me a sticker?

    We send out a sticker FREE with every single order. 


    Got something for us not mentioned above? Let us know by filling the form out below! We will be happy to answer any questions as soon as we can.