Spicy Michelada

    If you're brunching on Sunday or just want a refreshing savory beer cocktail the Michelada is a great choice. Naturally, we prefer things on the spicy end so we kicked it up a notch and added some Ghost sauce.
    1. Cold Beer of choice
    2. Tomato juice or bloody mary mix (Zing Zang preferred)
    3. Hot sauce of choice (We used our Ghost sauce)
    4. Salt or Tajin for the rimmed glass
    5. Lime
    1. Sprinkle your salt or Tajin on a small plate (enough to coat the glass rim)
    2. Cut out a lime wedge or several if you are making more than one from your lime
    3. Cut a slit in the middle of the lime wedge and place it on the rim of the glass as if you were garnishing the glass
    4. Move the lime all the way around the rim to coat it in lime juice. This helps the salt stick to the rim
    5. Place the lime juiced rim on your plate and move it around a little to get it coated
    6. Add your tomato juice to the glass. I usually pour just under a quarter of the glass (pint glass ~3/4 cup)
    7. Add a few or several drops of your hot sauce. You can always add more later if it isn't spicy enough
    8. Crack your beer open and slowly pour it in. If you are using salt, be cautious that the salt will make the beer foam up more
    9. You can give it a quick stir with a spoon if it is not incorporated enough
    10. Add your lime wedge back to the rim as a garnish
    You can add even more if you want to get crazy with it. Pickles, olives, pizza rolls the skies the limit and we are definitely not judging. Enjoy!

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