Roasted Hatch Chile Queso Dip

    The perfect snack just in time for fall.  Queso with our Roasted Hatch Chile hot sauce is the perfect combination for a quick and easy delicious bite. 



    • Shredded white cheese blend. We used this one. (16oz)
    • Roasted Hatch Chile hot sauce (Half a bottle or about (3-4 tablespoons) 
    • Whole milk (1-2 cups) depends on how thick or thin you like your queso
    • Chives (optional)
    • Diced tomato (optional)
    • Paprika (optional)


    1. Heat the milk in a medium saucepan, do not boil.  Start with 1 cup, you can always add more. I like a thicker queso, if you want it to be thin you can add more later. 
    2. Slowly add the shredded cheese while whisking by the handful. 
    3. Keep adding cheese while continuously whisking 
    4. Once all the cheese is added and melted, pour in the Roasted Hatch Chile hot sauce
    5. Fold the cheese to combine. Here is where you can add any other favorites like diced tomato or jalapeno
    6. Pour into a serving bowl or right out of the pan
    7. Add some extra dashes of hot sauce on top and chives and a dusting of paprika.
    8. Enjoy your perfect queso!

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